Center for Transformational Wellness
Mount Shasta

The Center for Transformational Wellness is a center for integration of the mind, body and spirit. The Center is composed of two arms:

Be Your Inner Light - devoted to Reiki Healing and Meditation

Pilates Staten Island- devoted to physical transformation via the Pilates Method of Exercise

The mission of the Center is to encourage our clients to embark upon and guide our clients through their own personal journeys. Some clients need to work on their physical and mental bodies in order to move in a direction of personal transformation. Others need to work on their emotions and spirit. Reiki, Pilates and Meditation can work hand in hand or independently. It is our job to listen to our clients' requests, desires, goals, and needs and guide and teach each client forward to achieve their personal best.

It is the client's job to make the decision to do the work necessary to achieve personal transformation. Each client must commit to themselves first. Each client must decide that they are ready to take steps toward their own transformation. Once the decision is made, we work together to create your success!