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About Celeste

CelesteCeleste is an Usui Reiki Master and a PMA Nationally Certified Teacher (Pilates Staten Island). Her life's work revolves around guiding people for Personal transformation. Everyone's needs are different and her work is able to help with each of the four dimensions of the whole person - mind, body, emotion and spirit.

Celeste began doing healing work with her hands as a child and young woman not even realizing that she was a healer. After many different successful jobs, Celeste realized she was personally unfulfilled in her work and decided to go back to her roots of movement and healing. She first went into "body work" via Pilates. Pilates was a perfect fit as Celeste was innately connected to body movement, mechanics and function from her vast years of dance and performance. While developing her Pilates practice, Celeste's hands began to speak again in their once familiar way. Celeste had the great pleasure of working with a client who was a Reiki Master and realized this about her. She was invited to begin studying Usui Reiki under the mastership of 2 distinguished teachers devoted to healing, spiritual guidance, and development. Under their tutelage, Celeste studied and practiced each of the three levels of Reiki training over a period of years. She is now grateful to be a Master with the ability to not only practice healing work, but also teach others to be Reiki practitioners if they are called to this transformational practice.