Be Your Inner Light
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Inner Light

"Be Your Inner Light" is a concept derived from the ideas of personal transformation and self-discovery. In order for each of us to move forward on our soul's path and live our lives to the fullest, with joy and satisfaction, we must ultimately find our "inner light" and become the full essence of that Light.

We are all granted a bright light within. Many of us, especially in today's day and age have allowed our lights to get dim and dimmer. The pace of life and challenges we face with eating corrupt foods and living in an overstimulated world of high technology have drawn us further away from who we are. We often do not think with our hearts, and are rather, always in our minds. We have more and more health issues - dis eases, conditions, sleep problems, allergies, etc. We are in the euphemistic "quick fix" society and look for the fastest and easiest way to lose weight. We look for the pill that will make our pain go away. We opt for surgery instead of personal exploration and hard work. We walk around often unhappy and dissatisfied looking for "something" to fill the void, but we don't even realize what the void is.

"Be Your Inner Light" is dedicated to helping you - guiding you - to rediscover yourself and learning how to make choices that lead to Personal Transformation for long term happiness and fulfillment. In order to fill the void we must look within. Or many of us we almost feel like we do not know how to do that. Through Reiki healing and meditation practice we learn how to reconnect with ourselves and we begin to understand the relationships of our whole person - mind, body, emotion, and spirit. We learn where we store our emotions and how to begin to release them. We learn what our soul's purpose is to bring us the most joy and fulfillment. We learn to think with our hearts and not our minds, to make better choices for ourselves and the world we live in.